3D Printer Repair

3D Printer Repair & Servicing

3D Printer Faults:
We can fix most of the common 3D printer faults:

  • 3D Printer head Clogging, extruder filament jamming, air printing.
  • Prints not sticking to the build plate, rafts peeling off.
  • Print too Stringy or too many blobs.
  • Ripples or Cracks on the surface, poor layer adhesion.
  • Support material too hard to remove.
  • Poor performance on different layer heights or speeds restricting use only on a few settings.
  • Very Noisy 3D printer with grinding, screeching and rumbling noises while 3D printing.
  • Garbled 3D Print, the printer extrudes random plastic out.
  • Grinding Belts
  • Bad End stops
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • No Power Situation
  • Bad LCD
  • Bad Stepper Motor
  • Belt Replacement
  • Hot end Upgrade
  • Glass Bed Upgrade
  • Custom Configuration
  • Marlin Firmware


Should you have noticed your printer does not generate the quality of 3D prints it used to before, it might need a little service.
In most cases servicing alone takes away most of the problems with a 3D print.

How we repair 3D Printers:
You can drop off or ship the 3D printer to us. We will repair or service it as per our discussion with you.
You can rest assured there will be no surprise bills.
Unlike some companies, we will not replace every component without your permission then send you an invoice that costs more than a new printer.